10 annoying habits you shouldn’t publicly display

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We all have some habits which we sometimes exhibit without even knowing. Some of these habits can be very annoying and disgusting when publicly displayed but the thing is that we’re not even conscious of it cause it’s a developed habit.
There are actually so many ,peculiar to each person but let’s look at 10 of them here.

Picking your nose

So many people are on this table, they don’t only pick their nose privately but also publicly and it can be really disgusting to see that. Yeah especially when it’s an adult seen doing it, a child would be more understandable. The question now is, “if I can’t pick my nose with my hands then what do I use? ” . Simply use a handkerchief if you really must pick your nose in the public!!.

Uncontrolled spitting

Have you been beside someone who spat more frequently than they talked?, how did it feel?, disgusting huh?. Spitting occurs as a result of irritation most times but when uncontrolled can become very irritating to the people around. It’s just as disgusting as vomiting when it becomes too much.

Yawning with mouth wide- open

When you see someone that yawns with his mouth wide-open, what’s the next thing you’d want to say?, “Cover your mouth” right? ,cause it’s not an interesting view. It’s very unethical for you to yawn that way around people especially in an important setting.

Leaving your mouth open

This is different from opening your mouth widely while yawning. This is about you not knowing how to even close it at all. Actually it messes with most people’s dentition and gives them bad set of teeth. However that’s not even the annoying part , leaving your mouth open presents you as someone who is very careless and care-free cause you’re not conscious enough to leave your mouth closed when you have to.

Chewing gum aloud

This can be very annoying, chewing gum in a ” I no send way” is annoying enough but going further to make noise with it is highly infuriating. It just sends a lot of negative vibes and doing it where people are is even worse. That’s a habit some people have and they do it without even knowing.

Uncontrolled sniffing

Apart from being a reflex action, sniffing has become a habit for some. They can’t talk , eat or do anything without sniffing. Having a handkerchief handy is a better way to make the sniffing less disgusting.

Uncontrolled farting

This is actually the most annoying and embarrassing one. Imagine being in a gathering and everywhere is polluted cause of you. My goodness, especially when everyone has known you for that, it’s actually a bad habit and it probably depends on your diet.


Walking and making noise with your footsteps is actually one of these habits. Most people blame it on their foot wears when addressed but it’s actually something they’re not conscious about cause it’s become a habit. Honestly, this isn’t nice at all, imagine entering a quiet place like a library and everyone turns to give you an annoyed stare.

Picking your tooth

This is also unethical , publicly using a toothpick isn’t just ethical enough. I know someone would be like what about the chunk of meat stuck in your tooth?. I’m not saying you shouldn’t pick your tooth but there’s a way you cover your mouth while doing so. It’s not weirdπŸ˜†, we learn everyday.

Urinating outside

Chill, I’m driving somewhere. Guys/men that urinate in the public are really fond of doing this and it’s very disgusting. After doing the act, instead of staying put till they’re well dressed, they turn to actually zip the trousers and belt it. Like, why can’t you just stay there and do it instead of turning for the public to see??. Urinating outside is bad enough and now doing it the wrong way is worse!!.

These are 10 bad habits most of us do without even knowing it or knowing how annoying it is. I hope it’s clear now.
Please drop your thoughts in the comment box, I’m all for that😁.

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That one of chew gum is the one i hate so much 🀨but thanks so much for this I believe some persons will have a change in their life😁


Well Articulated


Well written, thanks dear
Seems like i should share this post to some people πŸ€₯, and I think they are going to hate me…


Wow this cool
Is clear now😁

Marvvy official



Nice one


This are very annoying traits in people


You got it right. Chewing gum loudly seems to be the worst for me

Chibuoke Ifeanyi

I’ve always hated urinating outside, and most times I’d rather hold it in till I get home.
And how people feel comfortable spitting out incessantly… Is something I can’t relate to why…
Altogether this article is an eye-opener… Thanks for this.

Last edited 6 months ago by Chibuoke Ifeanyi
Ozioma Nwankwo

🀣 🀣 🀣 shaking tables left and right. Nice post!



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Nice analysis and helpful article