5 major causes of a lady’s mood swing

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I know all the guys would be like, finally let’s know what’s always wrong with these ladies. Yeah even we know it, ladies can sometimes if not all the time be difficult to understand. The guys say we’re rocket science, very complicated and difficult to understand. However there are some reasons why we act they way we do, you know the mood swings and all. So to ease your stress, I’m gonna be explaining 5 major things that could actually contribute if not cause our mood swings.

Accummulated stress

Now if you look at this, it happens to everyone, we all mood swings when put under stress. See 5 major things stress subconsciously does to you. It’s only normal for us to have mood swings as a result of accumulated stress, the ladies too aren’t exempted. Yeah even though ours could be to the extreme but that’s why we’re ladies, we’re emotionally wired.


Okay so this is one major thing that could suddenly make a smiling face a squeezed one. Some ladies who go through menstrual cramps get irritated by almost everything around them, it’s biological. We might not know how to say it sometimes but that’s one of the reasons why we could suddenly turn gloomy.
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Inadequate attention

I know we’re very funny beings, unlike you guys we so love being given attention. We can do everything just to get it , feign moodiness, annoyance, just stay on our own and so on. However , most times when girls aren’t given the attention they want, it’s only natural for them to have mood swing or switch and they begin to nag , feel moody or just become upset for nothing . Even as little kids, the girl child always seeks for more attention than the guys.

Hormonal Imbalance

I really wouldn’t buttress more on this cause I’m not into the medical line. But hormonal imbalance could be one of those things. It’s that moment when you ask the lady what’s wrong and she doesn’t even know. It just happens, it could be an alteration in the body due to her environment or something. It happens to the guys too but it’s most common amongst the ladies.

Sickness symptoms

You see, almost everything about a lady’s mood swing is medical, so don’t blame us!!. Sometimes it could be signs to a lady that’s she’s falling sick. It’d be difficult for ladies who don’t understand their body functionality well to interpret these signals. So it’s not like we’re weirdos, we’re just responding to our body stimuli cause we’re very sensitive.

One of the causes could also be frequent flash back of bad memories/experiences. Now this could really be a big issue and a therapy might be needed.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying all ladies mood swings are always caused by all five, it could be two out of them. But just be certain, these are the major causes of a lady’s mood swing/switch. So I hope this blog article has answered some of those curious questions you’ve been asking?.

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