5 major things that turns a girl off in a guy

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Interesting right, wanna know what really turns a girl off in a guy huh?. Well actually it differs with the girl, her spec, her taste and all but nonetheless there are a couple of things that generally turns a girl off in a guy. Yeah and those things are the reasons why two people could be in a relationship and eventually find out they’re incompatible.

When a girl is turned off by a guy, just forget it, it ain’t gonna work. So it’s important that we know a few of those things that are big turns offs for ladies.

Body odour

Yup, we’re giving our number one to BODY ODOUR, had to use the upper case to make it clear. Actually no one, not even the guys can comfortably stand this, it’s a general turn off for both genders. Body odour just has a way of bringing disgust, it’s totally unbearable. It can suddenly make an attractive person appalling. Some guys actually think it’s sexy to smell sweaty but on the contrary, most girls find it disgusting.

Excessive and Careless Talking

As much as girls loves to talk, gist, chat, they don’t like it when a guy does this and does it way too much. You’re not good at listening, you don’t mind your words, you talk out of context, mehn it’s a total turn off, it can be annoying sometimes. Girls who have such guys around them can only keep them as besties or just friends.


I’m sure all the ladies can’t agree less. Even as a friend, no girl would vibe with a guy who’s absolutely insensitive. You’re just not emotionally available, your energy is zero, zero vibes, you can’t read her emotions and body language… Need I say more ladies??, guys could ignore this but it’s a no-no for a girl.


Okay chill, this is something that can be sorted out. It can be learned but it becomes a turn off when there’s no effort from the guy and it’s all coming from the girl. Honestly it is, it’s not about the indoor stuff and all but majorly outdoor. A lady loves a guy who can flaunt her and make her feel special, that’s a romantic gesture too so don’t short-circuit it to sex alone.


Don’t get me twisted, I’m not talking about girls who aren’t contented with the little they get and call it stinginess. I’m talking about those guys who don’t have the ability to show care and attention by giving. Giving gifts, spending and all that. It’s understandable when you don’t have to give or spend but it becomes appalling when you’re just being stingy and selfish.

These are few amidst so many, varies with the girl in subject but I hope the guys on these tables wouldn’t take this personally and just work on themselves. It’s a CTA!!, you should try acknowledging your flaws and make positive efforts.

So if this was really informative and of help to you, do well to drop your comments and questions guys, let’s hear from you.

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You see the one I can’t take
Number 1 body odour..it’s a No no
And secondly if u’re boring and not romantic..kai


You went in real hard..


Couldn’t agree less..

A lady’s nose has a thing for smelling fragrances and beautiful scent..

Sylvanus Jimmy

Interesting to read I learned something

veani jenifer

Interesting take



Horeb chris

This is very insightful And Needful… More of this please do


Even after being all this .
Girls dnt know what they want


Unromantic 😌
Girls easy oo, if the guy doesn’t know about being romantic teach him😁


You got them right girl!


No b lie ooo


I would saY every point You stated is correct but not everyone would agreeο»Ώ


Hmmm..Am fully in support with everything listed out, most especially.INSENSITIVITY.ο»Ώ