5 things stress subconsciously does to you

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Everyone passes through stress, could be physical, mental, psychological. However way, we all do pass through stress at some point. It’s not secluded for only a special few. Even technology knew this and that’s why it brought a better and advanced way of doing things to avoid it.

They’re are a number of things stress does to you subconsciously, you actually can’t predict it’s mannerism but we know when it comes for sure. So let’s shed some lights on some things stress does to you.

Reduces your Immunity

Medically proven, stress actually reduces our immunity. Haven’t you noticed how liable you are to fall sick after going through stress?, or how weak your body is after being stressed out?, Well that’s because stress reduces our immune system’s ability to fight off antigens.

Hence this puts us at a risk to easily get an infection and afterwards become sick.

Intensifies your emotions

Have you seen the way girls nag when put under stress?, or perhaps you’ve not observed how quickly you react to things when under this?, well it’s as a result of stress, especially mental stress.

Some people tend to get more emotional than normal. They begin to act in unusual ways ’cause their body functionality is being altered by an external condition. Now that’s what stress does to you, it intensifies your emotions.

Reduces your body’s functionality

Many people react differently when put under stress, some still act normal but majority don’t. Majority are tensed up, irritated and out of control. Haven’t you asked why people throw up inside commercial buses during a long journey?, some people tend to urinate more often, others spit (irritation), some just sleeps and eats too much.

They wouldn’t do these normally but their body seems to function differently when put in an unconducive environmental or stressed condition.

Reduces your reasonability

While some people are smarter and more explorative under stress, others reasonablity is drastically reduced. Some just do some irrational things they wouldn’t have done normally. They tend to assimilate less quicker and for the majority confusion sets in.

Increases your anxiety and amplifies any signal

You’d honestly agree with me that, stress and anxiety go handy. Stress is not fully reached without anxiety setting in. It’s unavoidable, cause anxiety comes from unrest and that’s exactly what stress does to you.

It makes you feel uneasy and anxious.
It also amplifies any littlest signal of anxiety, it brings it out more, you just can’t help it.

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Thanks for this dear… But how can one avoid stress?

Can you help publish a post on that. I do really be grateful


Nice writeup


To be very sincere, this is very true
Stress does a lot to us.

Thanks a lot Fortune, nice one.

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