6 major things a guy looks out for in a lady

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Shhhh🙊🤐 ladies, this is classified info coined out from the guys’ diary. They must’nt know where the source is from so this is between us. However, if you’re a guy reading this, I suppose you’d understand we’re only doing this to stay up to standard😉.

Asides from being beautiful, well endowed, neat, responsible and being a great chef, there are a lot of significant things all guys look out for in ladies. Guys tend to think more than we do and ask a lot of questions before venturing into a quest.

There are a lot of questions they ask themselves before going to a relationship (not all though). Questions like, do I love her?, can I live with her?, are we compatible?, can she understand me e.t.c.

Here are 7 major general things guys look out for in a lady ;

A Confidant

This is one of the first thing they look out for. Is she someone I can rest assuredly confide in?. Unlike girls, guys don’t talk about their problems to be sympathised with, they need it to be solved!!. A guy would always want a lady who he is sure of getting solutions from. He needs someone he can share his problems, pain, experiences with.

A vision – sharer

Permit me to use that word 😁 but thats just it. They need someone who shares a similar vision with them or supports their vision. Someone with same philosophy of life as them, that sees things from their view. I’m very sure a guy reading this can not agree less.

Someone who respects his decision

It’s good enough to be his confidant and vision – sharer but it’s not enough if you don’t respect him. Ladies, they look out for these things! even if they don’t, their family will. They need to feel respected and honoured and that’s why it’s one of the things they look out for.

A friend

Most ladies comes into a guy’s life and starts acting like his mother 😄. He’s not looking for a second mom. Be a friend to him, that’s what he wants. A true and sincere friend, someone he vibes with, can play with, name it!!

Someone that can understand him

As complicated as ladies are, guys are too. It can be sometimes very hard to read a guy’s emotion and to understand him. He watches out for someone who is compatible enough with him to understand him. His mood swings, downtimes, body language and everything about him.

Someone who can put a smile on his face

When guys say, “Say yes and make me the happiest man on earth “, they mean it. We all want someone who can put smiles on our faces, guys aren’t exempted. They don’t just someone whose beauty makes them smile . They need someone whose presence brings inner peace that produces a smile.

These six things amongst many others peculiar to the guy are what every guy looks for in a lady.

I didn’t sneak this out of their dairy for nothing ladies, make the most out of it. Be that every man’s ideal woman .

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👏 👏


Very true, this alone can make your dream man, no matter what level he is operating keep you and only you throughout his lifetime


Wow, duly noted😂


A joy giver 😍




A nice piece. Kudos!!

Chibuoke Ifeanyi Collins

Spot on…. Nice one dear

veani jenifer

Friendship and understanding is very important. Very nice