7 signs of an unhealthy relationship

3 major reasons why people end up in the wrong relationship
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As humans, we are social agents. No man’s an island, we all relate with each other. We all have either family relationships, business relationships, friendships and/or the romantic relationships. However, some relationships aren’t just healthy enough for us, some could be very toxic. So we’re gonna be focusing on the romantic relationships cause this is the most common.

An unhealthy relationship is one in which there aren’t mutual benefits i.e one partner is partially favoured over the other. Surprisingly, many people in this kind of relationship can’t even tell when they’re being cheated out . They are blinded to the visible red flags . While some others are aware but optimistically believe it’s gonna be over.

The truth is that some problems don’t just go by believing if there’s no workdone. If it’s too toxic for you and you’ve tried your best to make things better but it’s still vain, then please wisely leave.

These are 7 signs out of a 100 that your relationship is unhealthy;

When he/she becomes so intrusive

When you start noticing that your space isn’t in anyway respected. When he/she demands to know every tiniest detail of what’s going on with you in an intrusive way. It can’t be overemphasized that’s it’s a sign, watch out for it!!

When he/she becomes overpossessive

Everything done excessively sure isn’t good. So when you notice how overpossessive he/she is about you, trust me it’s no longer love. When they talk to you like they own you and like you owe them too, or like you signed an agreement to live your life for them. It’s an unhealthy sign.

When there’s shaky trust

There’s no love without trust and respect. It is possible for some quarrels to lead to depleted trust levels. However, it is not advisable to build a relationship on a shaky trust foundation. So when this is really lacking ,do the necessary.

When there’s frequent break-ups and make-ups

This is a big marker because the more this keeps going on, the more the existing love fades. I understand quarrels are inevitable but frequently isn’t good enough.. Worst break-ups. It gradually becomes unexciting and boring.


When there’s extreme jealousy

You’d agree with me that actions from jealousy don’t end up well. I’m not saying your partner shouldn’t express some level of jealousy but not at the expense of trust. When jealousy becomes extreme, it turns violent at anyone. It blurs the thinking and prevents rational thoughts. It’s no good sign for a long-lasting relationship.

When there isn’t enough openness and transparency

Trust me, secrecy breeds atrocity. We all have bad past experiences, regrets and mistakes but it’s wrong when we refuse to come plain about it. There must be openness and transparency in a good relationship, anything otherwise is toxic.

When there’s no common goal/objective

Let’s see this in two ways; when you and your partner don’t share similar goals and philosophy of life and also when you both have different objectives for being in that relationship. I know that opposite attracts, but not in this case.

There are many other unhealthy signs that may be unique to your relationship but please fish it out and handle it wisely by either seeking consultancy or walking away from it.

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