7 signs that shows your partner has lost interest in the relationship

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A relationship is a mutual affair, it takes two to agree. Relationships are only interesting when it is two-sided and not one-sided. Sometimes, it becomes one-sided as time goes on even if it wasn’t initially and that’s due to some factors. A partner begins to loose interest right from their mind before it shows out.

So let’s see 10 signs that tells you when your relationship has become one-sided.

Divided attention

When you notice there is a divided attention and it’s been that way for quite a while, then you should know that it might be a sign. When your partner doesn’t seem to attend to your needs ,emotional, physical etc. It could be a sign that he/she has lost interest.

They seldomly call

Even if it’s not a long distance relationship, it still doesn’t stop your partner from calling. Your partner calls because he/she misses you and wants to hear from you. However, once they begin to seldomly call (unless it’s after a quarrel though), then you should take note . They might be loosing interest already.

They begin to feel uncomfortable around you

It’s gonna definitely show except they’re really good at pretending. Your company would no longer be comforting. They might express it through body signs or just make up excuses not to see you.

They’d begin to find faults at every slightest thing

Everything you do would suddenly become irritating. They would find it more annoying than it already is. Well that’s because, they would really become paranoid and frustrated. So every mistake you make is a big turn off for them.

They would escalate little quarrels

If they’ve really lost interest in the relationship, they’ll definitely be looking for a way out. So they’d escalate little quarrels cause they want a tangible excuse to just leave. Sometimes they might even intentionally start up a quarrel.

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They’d feel embarrassed to be seen with you

Yeah, going out with you would seem embarrassing to them because the love isn’t there anymore . It’s one-sided, you’re the only one proud to be seen with them, but they aren’t. They wouldn’t even like to talk about you outside.

You’d become unattractive to them

Whatever attracted you to them would suddenly become appalling. Your personality, physique, dress sense, manner of talking.and so on would no longer attract them. Hence they’d see no reasons to be with you.

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Immediately I start feeling uncomfortable in a relationship, then it’s hit the rocks.


Nice information

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Relationships can be complicated. Well written

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Great explanation 🙂

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