Choosing the best gift for your male friend/lover

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So guys, since we already discussed choosing very good gifts for the females, we definitely can’t leave the males out of this cause they deserve gifts too.

See here : Choosing the best gift for your female friend/partner.

So without further ado, let’s see how we can choose good gifts for our male friends or lovers but first, we must consider some very important things.

Guys are very much unlike ladies in their style and preferences. What they might consider as a gift might mean nothing to you as a lady, so it’s some times hard to select nice gifts for them.

I most times get the question of, “What gift suggestions can you help me with for a guy? ” and my answer still remains “it depends on the kind of guy”.
In my last post I said money gifts is one thing a girl can’t turn down but in the reverse way, some (some not all) guys don’t feel comfortable receiving money from the other gender as a gift. It somehow affects their self-esteem especially when it’s from a girl they like.

Okay, moving ahead, let’s see some nice gifts you could give a guy as a present.


Portraits are really nice gifts

This is the first thing that came to my mind thinking of a gift for a guy. Portraits are just so lovely and sweet (if drawn well 😅). The worst thing that could happen is giving him a portrait drawing that doesn’t even look like him. Except that, it’s always an amazing gift for a guy.


Gadgets aren’t exempted

Guys and gadgets are like 5 & 6. I don’t know any that doesn’t fancy good gadgets. It would really go a long way getting one for them, those mad earpods they’ve been talking about, headset, laptop, phone. Just get something of your pocket size (Don’t go and do pass yourself 🙄 ).

Game Items

Ps controllers

If you notice your guy is one fond of video games, it wouldn’t be bad getting him a game item. You could just ask him indirectly which he needs or ask his friends. Just try getting him something he’d really appreciates and most especially needs.


Okay this is where their preferences sets in. You can’t be getting rugged jeans for a guy that loves corporate wears or getting jumpsuits for someone who prefers shorts. For the fact that it’s quite expensive and in vogue doesn’t mean he’d appreciate it if it’s not his style, I hope I’m making sense?.


Yeah, some guys also fancies accessories like lapels, durags, cuflinks, wristwatches, chains, rings. These are a few out of some accessories you could get them.


This is one thing guys don’t joke with, shoeessssss!!. They don’t mind having a collection of them. Unlike girls, they don’t have problems with heely or not, just get them a nice pair of shoes and they’re good. Colour isn’t much of an issue too but also remember if you’re giving them a corporate shoe, adding nice belts to match would be a total package.

These are just few ideas, they’re a lot of gifts you could give to a guy, just be creative about it but make sure it’s something mind-blowing. It could be a ticket to Dubai for his shopping (😅 Yeah, you can do it too).

Anyways I just hope my point was driven and this post was really helpful. What kind of gift do you like as a guy? and ladies, what kind of gift do you give your male friends?.

Would love to hear your thoughts too.

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