Food for thought : Ignorance or Cognisance?

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Mediocrity, oblivion, short-sightedness, what more can we call it?
Ignorance they say is a disease but do we know it?
If we do then why do we choose to embrace it?
Knowing that it would someday kill us!!

We walk happily in it and allow it to blur our vision
Envisioning it’s better to stay that way if it would cause complications
Making up excuses of trying to avoid any form of friction
Excuses that has made an endless list

Choosing to misplace our order and priorities
All for what?, nothing but minorities
We abstain from crossing our Is and dotting our Ts
Because it all seems too much of a hardwork so we go for ease instead

Yeah I get it, isn’t it less stressful just to settle for less
To go for the much easier one and leave the rest
Yeah, leave the rest for the strong-minded to handle
The feeble are meant to remain feeble, aren’t they?
But bear in mind, staying feeble means staying vulnerable
Food for thought!!

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About Fortune Gabriel 43 Articles
Fortune Gabriel is a creative and a young writer passionate about impacting her world by influencing social positive changes via illuminating those areas of obscurity . Her focus is on shedding light on the emanating human issues and relationships.
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Awww this is nice dear.

Can u mentor me on writing?


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This is awesome!



Dynamic lifestyle

Wow, nice one


You’re doing well. Keep up the good work


This is so helpful. Keep us posted.
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arpit thakur

Nice article

veani jenifer

Well written