How to choose the best gift for your female friend / partner

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Giving gifts is one romantic gesture that everyone appreciates especially the female gender. It’s one way to express love and appreciation. It’s actually some people’s love language, that’s the best way to let them know they’re loved though it defers with people but all the same, who doesn’t like gifts??.

However the difficult thing about giving gifts is choosing the perfect and most befitting one. It could take a lot of time and thinking to do just that. So here are some tips and also some kind of gifts you could give to your lover or female friend.

So since we’re focusing on the ladies first, here are some things you should consider while picking a gift;

Her Taste

Considering her taste is very important if you don’t want the whole thing to get messy. Is she the flamboyant type or the low-key type?, does she like beautiful and expensive stuff or she doesn’t mind as long as it comes out nice?. Her taste is her preference, to get a very nice gift you can’t ignore this.

Her Style

Crazy or cool?, sassy or moussy?. If you’re getting a dress, you should really consider her style, her sense of dressing. Does she prefer purses to handbags, necklaces to beads?, Gold or Silver?, baggy or fitted?. It all matters, every tiny detail.

Colour preference

This can actually cause a big problem , buying a black shirt when you know favourite colour is pink, going for grey when she’s in love with white. What’s most important to her isn’t just how fine it is but also the colour. Some girls don’t play with this, so don’t be offended when they don’t appreciate your gift and save yourself the stress by getting their preferred choice.

Some gift options you could pick from while giving gifts


If she’s not the type that fancies accessories please don’t bother trying to get her one, might offend her ( we can be very complicated😄). This option is suitable for guys with ladies who loves accessories, the earrings, waist beads, nose rings, rings, hair accessories,wristwatches and all.


This is general, there’s no girl who doesn’t like good wears and wouldn’t mind getting them as gifts. But like I said, the preferences differ, don’t make the mistake of using your sense of style for her (except it’s the same).


Yeah, shoes!! , one thing that can’t be turned down (except the wrong size was gotten of course) but except that, shoes are very good presents. However, there’s always a complication. Not all girls like heels, some prefer flat shoes, sandals and canvasses instead. These things should be looked into. Imagine getting a heely shoe for a girl that loves wearing masculine dresses (E B things 😄).


Now this is one thing that’s not common with most girls, to choose gadgets over accessories, clothes and the rest. Nevertheless, some girls would prefer you buy them gadgets than getting them these stuff.


Skiiinnnn, would have said all but let’s use some. Some girls don’t joke with their skins and makeups, they’re willing to spend really well on it just for it to come out well. That’s why I said you just have to know what she really likes so you don’t go and get trivial things for her. Buying those things that aren’t on her top list might not go well with her.


This is definitely something no girl can reject, car gifts, land gifts, shop gifts, portraits, name it. It’s an asset, so why wouldn’t she appreciate it. In this particular one, you don’t even really need to worry about preferences so if you don’t have the energy to think about it just get her a property.


I can’t leave this out, if I do, the ladies would definitely be on my neck😂. Both genders but mostly girls are attracted to money. There’s also no problem of preferences with this one, it just answers all. I’m being factual, money gifts is something that can’t be overlooked. It is what it is after all, a medium of exchange.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re are a lot, like a lot of things that could serve as a good present for a lady but these are few options. I just highlighted the most known and acceptable, it doesn’t mean this is all it is.

So let’s hear your views on it, which do you think is the most accepted or preferred?. and also how do you choose gifts for your female friends or lovers? .

Meanwhile keep in touch cause I’d be making a post on “Choosing the best gift for your male partner/friend” 😉.

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B Sudharsan

Amazing post. Very well-written. And excogitative. Loved reading it.


I really love this post😍




woww..superb info


This interesting and I think most ladies do not really prefer money. It’s the little things you do that counts.


For me, I would prefer accessories.
At least when I get to wear them, my male friend or partner gets to see and compliment too😁