How to effectively communicate your opinion

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Most times we find it hard to convey our opinions or even do it the right way. We tend to say things we mean the wrong way or in an inappropriate tone. Most of us are faced with the problem of knowing the right word to use due to insufficient vocab.. So how then do we communicate our opinions effectively?.
Alright, let’s help you out with some tips . That’s what’s the blog is for, to shed some lights!!

Tip 1# : Think well before you speak

It’s a common phrase. Everyone says think before you talk but do we actually do that? . We all make the mistake of quickly rushing into things sometimes without thinking it through. If you want your opinions to be given rapt attention and communicated well, you must learn this art of thinking well before speaking.

Tip 2# : Make sure your opinions are attention-worthy

People would never give you listening ears when all you say is out of the box. How do you take it when someone you gave your full attention to just wasted your time saying nonsense. Noise irritates, no one would get your message if it is noisy. It would simply not be given any attention.

Tip 3# : Have the right tone

You can’t be making a serious statement and use a lackadaisical tone. Your point won’t be droven home. Your tone matters a lot. If you mean to buttress your opinion mildly, then your tone should correlate. It’s as simple as you see it, have a right tone!!.

Tip 4# : Make sure your it fits the context

Please it’s very offensive when you talk out of the box, off point. People would get to shut you up or keep you from speaking when that is noticed. Even when you mean to be contextual this time around, no one would like to waste their time hearing you out because of their impression about you.

Tip 5 # : Be a good listener

Actually you must be a good listener to be a good speaker. When you listen well, you earn people’s respect for you and it would give you a good audience too. To be listened to you must be a good listener, there’s no addition or subtraction to that.
With these few tips inculcated, then getting your opinions rightly conveyed with a good audience would be easy.

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