How to effectively handle emotional trauma

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We all go through emotional stress and we have our unique ways of handling it. However, many have big issues handling theirs perfectly well. Some results to drinking, smoking, drugs, and doing all sorts of things that only gives them a temporary relief.

Emotional stress occurs as s result of disappointment, anxiety, shock, over thinking, nervousness, fallbacks etc. The truth is that no one actually has a mastery at dealing with emotional stress but here are a number of things that could help;

Avoid staying alone

Staying alone isn’t helpful for anyone going through emotional trauma. You need human presence. You need to be surrounded by the ones you love and vibe with. You need people who can understand and see you through whatever you’re going through. You definitely can’t do it alone, step out and stay with friends and family who’s gonna be there for you.

Voice out

Most times, the problem becomes worse when we hold back our emotions . When we refuse to express them or voice out. Now that’s one thing not to do, even if you see yourself as an introvert, you should try voicing out your feelings. Let people know when they disappoint and annoy you. It has a way of bringing relief, talk to your friends about it.

Try not ponder too much on it

As hard as it sounds, it’s one of the surest ways. Try not to ponder too much on whatever it is causing you emotional stress. Over thinking would only make you feel worse than you already are. Like I said, it’s very difficult to do but one very sure way to overcome emotional stress or trauma.

Keep your mind busy

Recovering yourself from an emotional trauma is an intentional act. You must be able to help yourself first before others can. Keeping your mind busy through activities prevents whatever it is from weighing you down. Join social activities, stream online, read good books, just get busy with something sensible!!.

Speak confidently to yourself

Yeah, you heard me, speak to yourself. Comfort yourself, say good things to yourself too, it builds your self-confidence. It gives you the stamina and willingness to move on. You could stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and cheer yourself up. Might seem ridiculous but it sure helps.

These are few tips that could help you effectively handle emotional trauma. However, knowing these isn’t enough, but being intentional about getting back again is. It’s a conscious effort, so are you going through an emotional stress or trauma?.Then it’s high time you move on and get past it.

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Keeping your mind busy is definitely a point that I had to learn and helped me so much. Love this post!


These are great tips, especially in this time and age where a lot of people are battling depression. Well written article.


Helpful hints. Thank you

Rachel Beeman

I can tell you really care for people who have gone through trauma. Thank you for your caring and helpful words.


Thank you!




Heyy amazingly described topic. Everyone needs to talk and understand mental health.

Bivesh Sharma



Great information, worth revisiting your site. I recommend everyone to read your site. Even though I’m a blogger myself on your site is pretty good


Aweeeesome! 👏

veani jenifer

So true.


amazing, I love how you motivate people. Great job 🙂