How to know if your relationship is long-term or not

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We all want assurance, both genders, we wanna be sure that we won’t get heartbroken at the end of the day. We all want good things to last forever, no one likes to be kept sitting on the fence, with one leg in and the other out.

Hence, that’s why it’s important to know if our relationship is futuristic or not .Unless of course you both are just having fun and whiling away time. So if that’s not the case, then I’m pretty sure we’ll all wanna know.

Relationships being long term or not cannot be totally guaranteed by these signs below, cause even couples still divorce after getting married. However, I must tell you, that the only surest way you can know you’re getting the right future partner is by inquiring from God. Must I?, you may ask, personally I think it’s mandatory so you know who to ask for help when something goes wrong.

Even after being certain that he/she is the one from God, it still doesn’t validate that you guys might end up in marriage. Yeah, cause it’s a matter of work, efforts, tolerance, perseverance. I mean there has to be lots of work put into it, you don’t expect God’s angels to run it for you.

That being said, let’s quickly delve into signs that indicate it’s long-term or not;

No futuristic plans :

This is like the most valid proof that your relationship is long-term and not just momentarily. If you guys haven’t discussed anything that shows it’s more than just child’s play, then it’s not. No plans of him engaging you, no plans of she meeting your parents or vice-versa (especially after so many years). It’s simply saying, either of you aren’t ready for any of sort.

When there’s avoidance of such topics:

It’s no common thing now to hear a lady bitterly exclaim, “after all those years”… know the rest. It’s an obvious sign when one partner seems to lack interest when it comes to such discussions. Anyone that’s pretty serious about taking the relationship would definitely be more eager than reluctant.

When there’s always a list of excuses:

“Buh you know I’m not ready now “, “I still need to plan really well for this “. “It’s for a lifetime, I still need to make money”, “I’m not emotionally prepared to meet your parents ” and the list goes on.

There’s never a time without excuses, while some are really genuine, most are just flimsy. Note that, I’m talking of a relationship of more than 3 years. 3 years and you’re still not like ready for even an introduction to your family?!!.

When there are unnecessary procrastinations :

“We’ve been lovers for a long time, when are we getting engaged?” . When there’s always procrastinating of crucial things, such as getting to know the siblings and parent, engagement too. It’s certainly a sign something’s not right. When the guy keeps giving fake promises over and over again, it’s simply false assurance.

When it’s undefined :

If you’re in an undefined relationship, there’s no truer fact than this – Define it or you’re just wasting your time!! . Sometimes it’s kinda difficult to plainly ask the question, “What are we? ” for fear of disappointment.

But regardless, it’s a very necessary question, don’t just keep playing along and assuming. Its very likely your assumptions might be wrong or far from what the guy has in mind. So just take the bitter pill and ASK!.

You’d agree with me that knowing if a relationship is gonna be long-term or not, fully depends on the MAN in subject. The lady, has no issues with taking it to the next level, except she’s the one who’s playing games of course.

However, how serious a relationship is, totally depends on the guy.
Most of those indicating signs listed all falls on the role the guy plays. Painfully, most ladies are always blinded by love and keep making up excusable reasons for the guy, until it’s too late. This in so many ways has messed with them psychologically , that the word “relationships ” signals danger to them.

Notwithstanding also, in the other way round, the guys are even the ones played with and same mental effects goes to them too.

So here’s my candid advice; it’s echoing the second paragraph, always put God first to avoid story that touches the heart. Try to define your relationship and state your interests, make it known and then communicate it effectively to your partner.

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