How to politely turn off requests

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I know how difficult it can be sometimes to say a NO to something or someone, especially when you don’t wanna hurt their feelings. So instead of refusing, you just accept for their sake. But sometimes your refusal to say no is taken for granted and so people leverage on that. They keep asking for things without considering you, always expecting a yes for an answer.

Well I know how inconveniencing it can be when people do this. So I’m gonna be pointing out some ways we can politely say no.

Smile while saying no

You might think, who do I owe my smile?, must I smile just to say no?. But then, it’s really important we do if we wanna go about it politely. Smiling gives them a better impression that you really don’t mean to refuse but you can’t help it. That way, both sides are good and no one is really hurt.

Try to state your reasons for your refusal

Yup, you also owe no one an explanation but it’s good we do in this case. Try telling them why you can’t help them with what they want and that you will if you could. It’s not a big deal, instead of going against your will and giving them grudgingly, simply don’t and tell them why.

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Be Empathetic

Bluntly saying no to a request can be hurtful to the receiver, try showing empathy. But hey, don’t fake it please. Try putting yourselves in their shoes and tell them no in a way that if it was you, you wouldn’t be hurt. That’s simply called empathy, putting yourselves in their shoes.

Try not to show too much sympathy

They came to you not to be emotionally supported but to be materially supported. So showing your sympathy sometimes can be very annoying.Yeah, it’s good to be sympathetic at least it shows you have a heart . However, overdoing it might seem annoying and like a pretense to them.

Amongst many other ways to politely say no or refuse a request, these are mine. Feel free to share with us in the comment box how you successfully do yours .

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Lolz… This is killing

I prefer to say a sharp No.

Though depending on the guy in question..

Horeb chris

Wow 😮 this are very helpful tips… Nice piece dear and Very realistic and insightful

Chima Charles

Wow. Very nice

Dynamic lifestyle

Thanks for the tips ✍️


Super helpful!

Added to the bag. 👏

JE& La Boutique

Great and helpful post, thank you!


Woow…. Very nicely written



Elsabe Steyn

This is so informative, I would read this all the time


Well Said…I am agree


Nice content


I do no. 1 and 2.
Nice piece!!


Wow..helpful post..keep it up

veani jenifer

Saying no is an art