How to stand out and embrace opportunities

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This is a very vital topic and I’ll be giving out some tips that has generally worked for a lot of successful people and me also. Do you know that everyone has an atom of shyness?, doesn’t it fascinate you when you hear your TV stars saying they are shy?. So how do they do it?, well the truth is that being shy isn’t actually bad .

However it gets bad when it becomes too much and stops you from stepping or standing out.
When shyness becomes too much, it invariably leads to poor self-esteem. Your fear of failure increases, fear of getting disappointed too ,so you see it has no benefits, kill it!!

I’ll be sharing with you some tips on how to stand out and giving you the platform to sell yourself!

Tip 1 : Never doubt yourself

This is the problem of many, they don’t even believe in themselves enough. So how can they convince others to?. If you don’t have enough faith in your plan, you can’t convince anyone to do so. No one likes to work with people who are skeptical.

What conviction would you have to work with people who say, “I’m not sure I can do it”, I doubt we can get there ” ?
No one likes to work with dreamkillers, non risk-takers. Everyone likes optimist, so to stand out, never doubt yourself for once!!.

Tip 2 : Build your portfolio

Someone asked me how I managed to get accepted by Upwork and I said, I just built a good portfolio. Now I’m not asking you to input a fake Identity cause it always backfires. My point is, always look for a way to make that little thing you do standard. Make your profile an attractive one on social media and even for proposals. It helps people to be willing to network with you and give you opportunities.

Tip 3: Build your network

Social media has made things easier for us. You could reach a million people even while at home. Networking is a very effective way to embrace opportunities and to stand out. Get people to know about you and what you do. Make yourself irresistible.

Tip 4 : Be a Volunteer

Sharing your ideas, giving your free services makes people notice your features and good qualities. Do it with a free mind, do it cause you want to. You might not notice it but people will definitely see you. They might recommend you for your diligence, hard work , team-spirit and intelligence.

Tip 5: Get involved in social clubs or activities

Social activities helps in building your networking skills, leadership skills too, permit me to say “followership” skills also. Activities makes you more energetic, broad-minded and gives you some exposure and opportunities.

Tip 6 : Be willing to give

Givers never lack indeed. Be willing to help out, to help others grow, to give your time, resources, name it. What goes around comes around , you never know who’s gonna help you in the future. Giving actually is an investment, and just like investments appreciates so does it. Opportunities you never thought of, recommendations will keep rolling in.

Tip 7 : Be willing to learn

Whoever became a Captain must have trained under someone. It’s not bad to get to be trained under someone or to work. It gives you a kind of experience, it gives you a forehand on how best to run your management.

The moment you stop learning, you become outdated. Everyone wants updates. So be willing to learn under people, personally just acquire a wealth of knowledge and skills.

So without further ado, here’s an opportunity to stand out, sell yourself and tell us what you do.

You never know how many clients you have here, let’s network!
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Mezito Manuel

Pin point accuracy on the topic. Personally I’ve experiences where shyness and low self esteem kept me within the box and I couldn’t do what I really wanted, I practically just remains at the spot aiming for a goal but being too shy to go get it

Chi Ben

Wow, a step up piece for the mindset, love it


Awesome 👏

Miracle Okafor

Just visited, this is great of you.