Is it love or infatuation?

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What do I feel?, is it love or infatuation?. How do I know if it’s just infatuation? or if it’s truly love. What’s the big difference?, doesn’t every infatuation end up in love? and many other curious questions.

So we’re really gonna be shedding some lights on it here. But before that, take your time to answer these questions, what makes me get attracted to someone?, what makes me develop some feelings?, what comes to my mind around this person?, how do I feel around them?. If you can genuinely answer these questions well without muttering and uncertainties, then you’re a step ahead of coming out of your confusion.

Let’s show you some signs that tell you if it’s love or only infatuation.

  • It’s infatuation when the feelings doesn’t last
  • It’s infatuation when it’s based on only favourable conditions
  • It’s infatuation when lust is involved
  • When the whole thing’s a rush
  • When the feelings are ingenuine
  • It’s infatuation when it’s not realistic

Yeah I said the word not realistic because that’s the truth. Love is blind but it’s realistic too, infatuation isn’t. In love you understand it’s for better or worse but in infatuation you feel it’s a fantasy. The moment things stop going the way you had foreseen they would, you begin to loose interest.

“This wasn’t what I opted for, I can’t stand it”.

Infatuation is based on blind judgements, it may seem real but it actually isn’t. So if you find yourself in these shoes and you’ve gotten enlightened now, then it’s high time you take a decision. To continue in it or to find love for what it is and not what it seems like!!.

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