Man’s worst enemy

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A subject most treated in churches, seminars, conferences. Its name written on the cover of so many books , found on the pages of a countless magazines and also the greatest obstacle people are faced with. What is this man’s greatest enemy?, is it something that can be tackled? and if yes, how?.

A lot of times these questions has been raised, people trying to figure out what it truly is and the best ways to deal with it. Well as they say there’s no problem with no seeming solution. However the possibility of dealing with an issue one lacks full knowledge of ,renders him incapable of successfully puzzling it out.

Man’s greatest foe lives within him. This is no foreign language to us, am sure it must have already been speculated that it is what it is. It goes by the name, FEAR, an entity that has been initiated into us. hereby has spontaneously become a member. Its mechanism of action is such that it gradually creeps in and metamorphoses into a giant .The more it aggrandizes the more difficult it becomes to deal with.

Fear’s mode of action is synonymous to an infection that gains access into the body of an organism . Afterwards begins to alter the system, causing some abnormalities rendering its victim indisposed and delibitated.

It is an entity that has been introduced to us from childhood, that we have now become familiarised with. Fear only blurs our visibility, instills negativity and pessimism in us. It hinders us from seeing any possibility and hence keeps us retarded.

Unfortunately many of us are faced with this predicament. Daily we are confronted with the fear of making wrong choices, decisions or actions. We’re scared of making grievous mistakes on consequential matters.

This fear arises from confusion about things, the choice of career, choice of partner, choice of friends, path of life so we fear for the unknown.

This is because we lack a driving force,information and knowledge, this is why the saying “Knowledge is light is agreeable”.

Alongsid lack of knowledge, the absence of self-esteem is also a fuel for fear. Many of us have lived all our lives being told our failures, incapabilities and limits. Optimistim becomes very foreign to us. We can’t walk with our chins and heads up unconsciously embracing low self-esteem due to low confidence level.

This ends up obviating us from breaking beyond our elastic limits for fear of failure. Lack of confidence not only limits us but also keeps us failing.

Many people prefer not to try and make attempts to be better, hinking it’s the safest thing to do. While reversely the truth is that “When nothing’s done, nothing can be changed”.

If we sit idly waiting for the easiest, fastest and safest way to go about things, progress definitely is unattainable . We mustn’t wait to be cajoled before taking baby steps to come out of our shells.

Man’s greatest fear is the fear of the unknown but this is as a result of ignorance and oblivion. I believe anyone with a sense of direction can not just be moved by the unforeseen.

Affirmatively man has no power to correctly predict the future . However,anyone who has strategically planned out his goals, ambitions, risks that may be accompanied with it has an edge.

In essence, the point is,
” Anyone who strategically plans greatly reduces his tendency of failing. Don’t be moved by the fear in your hearts but by the dreams in your heart”.

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Nice piece

Chibuoke Ifeanyi Collins