Why nagging is a problem

Why nagging is a problem
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We all get angry at some points, some are easily triggered and react quickly.

See the reasons why you get angry easily.

While others can bear much longer but when they eventually do, it could be hell loosed.

Everyone is unique to their own expression of anger. We express our angers based on our individaulity. However, majority (girls especially) nags, funny enough they don’t even realise it when they do.

So let’s see why nagging is a problem. This might be very useful to someone you know if you don’t nag.

It blurs your thinking

Now this is why nagging is a problem. It’s done mostly by people who get angry easily. Nagging prevents you from being open-minded, you just react to things based on how you see them. It makes you see other people’s perspectives as unrealistic or unreasonable. It makes you act irrationally.

Makes people avoid you

No one likes to be nagged at, especially when it’s repeatedly. Not everyone can stand being around people who nags at every little thing. So nagging makes people avoid you, you might not know it. It’s okay to nag sometimes cause at times you just can’t hold it back in. However it becomes a problem when it becomes too frequent.

It’s a bad communication skill

Not gonna be talking to you like I have never nagged before but honestly it’s not the best way to communicate. Nagging always goes wrong, cause you tend to express more than you mean.

Exaggeration sets in, noise is heard and your point still isn’t clear. That’s the problem, you think you’re talking and making sense but to others it’s just noise.

Makes people take you for granted

People who nags quite often are most times taken for granted . People predict that you’re gonna nag and so don’t take you seriously anymore. “Watch ,she’s gonna nag but that’s just what she does anyway so it’s no big deal “. They expect it already so they’ve gotten so used to it, that it means nothing to them.

You say things you’re not supposed to say

Now don’t focus on the ladies only, guys too nag but majority of them don’t, they act. Nagging makes you spill out words uncontrollably and could make you say things you’re not meant to. “Get lost, I don’t ever want to see you “, deep down you know you don’t mean it but you said it.

That’s what nagging can do and you only end up regretting it and feeling stupid.

I understand sometimes you just can’t help it but most times it’s best not to say much at that moment. Because the result is always bad and now that you know what it does, I hope you’ll work on it?.

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Ehmm but how do you explain when old people nag?

Will you say it comes with age?

Marvvy official

So helpful📝❤❤


This so true, thank you

Kanu chinedu

This is indeed a wonderful peice.


Nagging is like a cancerous tissue in a healthy and thriving relationship.

Some times one may not be aware they nag, while others do. That is why this piece is here like a torchlight to draw attention to nagging, and how it affects us and others too. Thank you for this 🙏🏾