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Surprised at the title?, you don’t think you have a gold mine within you? . Cause if you did you’d have been on your way of becoming rich right? . Well the truth is we all do, we all have gold mines within us that we are oblivious of. We don’t even know we have it, so how can we know how to harness it!!.

Right now the question on your mind is, where is this gold mine?, but sadly you’re left with only guesses. Well it’s real, it’s as real as anything you know, it’s just not visible.

The gold mine within you is simply your subconscious mind.

“Is this it?”, “seriously my mind?”. Yeah, not just your mind but the subconscious part of it. That’s the most powerful and efficient but we often times tend to neglect it. Your subconscious mind plays a huge role in what happens to you, what you unconsciously do and comes your way.

A child makes more use of it’s subconscious mind. They act according to how their subconsciousness has been configured and grow with it. Your subconscious mind stores in whatever thoughts you think on and brings life situations around those thoughts.
That’s why it’s most said, “Change your thinking, change your life “.

What you daily think on gets attracted to you. If it’s success, failure, riches, disappointments whatever it may be, they’ll keep coming naturally to you.

Things would work out according to your configured thoughts.

If you say you’re a failure, you’d continually do a great job at failing!. Haven’t you wondered why the rich get richer and the poor only poorer?. It’s the mind – the subconscious part. It’s the gold mine within you, however it doesn’t have the feature of filtering out the bad from the good. It takes all in and produces the equivalent results.

“Control your thoughts cause they’d turn out to control the things around you”

If you effectively feed your subconscious mind with sound ideas, good memories, futuristic goals & dreams and positivity, in no time, you’d mine golds!!.

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Fortune Gabriel is a creative and a young writer passionate about impacting her world by influencing social positive changes via illuminating those areas of obscurity . Her focus is on shedding light on the emanating human issues and relationships.
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This post is a 5-Star! ⭐️

Pratiksha Rajopadhyaya

This was really motivating and well-written! Keep it up!!


I love this. Nice post