Third Parties : Yay or Nay?

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Hey guys, so today it’s an open platform. We’re gonna be talking about relationships , one of my favourite topics. It’s an interactive Q & A session and I would really love to hear from you guys .

So feel free to air your views and opinion. The topic is ” Third parties: Yay or Nay? “, wanna know what you think about it?, are you cool with it?, you can also share your good/bad experiences about it.

Here I prepared a questionnaire consisting of just 10 questions. So let’s get this thing kicking and be honest!

Question 1:

What’s your definition of third parties?

Ans: A third party to me is someone who gets involved in another person’s relationship

Question 2:

What’s your take on having a third party or parties?

Ans: It’s a no-no

Question 3:

If you are to have a third party, what scope would you select from, family or friends?

Ans: Family always if I was to have at all

Question 4:

Do you consider your mentor a third party?

Ans : Well, it’s kinda possible for a mentor to be a third party just depends but most times they help

Question 5:

Do you consider your spiritual head (pastor) as one?

Ans: Only if he’s my counsellor or mentor

Question 6:

How true is it that third parties do favouritism?

Ans: 55% true. It’s very likely for some third parties to take sides

Question 7:

Can you be a third party to a relationship?

Ans: A third-party?, hmm guess not

Question 8:

Who are the worse third parties to have ; guys or the ladies?

Ans: Ladies sorry am giving you guys in šŸ˜‚ but you too you know

Question 9:

Would you prefer having your partners family/friends as a third party or yours?

Ans: Depends on our level of relation and trust

Question 10

How do you handle a third-party who’s already intermeddling ?

Ans: No time to check time, show him/her the way.
Okay so these are my answers to these questions so let’s set our answers rolling in!

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No need for third parties in a relationship, except for family.


Depending on the third party though


That’s true.

For me, I would rather get an idea and weigh it b4 going with it.

Pastors were meant to stand as a good third party but these days one can’t fully rely on them.






What if Iā€™m the Third Party? šŸ¤”

Sucharita biswas

Nice blog