What do you know about love?

What do you know about love?
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We live in a small world where everything seems to matter but the gravity of these things varies with individuals.To some individuals, assets like money, cars, furniture, a good house is all that matters, to others money, fame, love, family has it at the top of their list but to a few what their heart treasures most is Love – from such people you hear things like;

. When you have love, you have everything

. Love covers all❤

. A heart fed with love blossoms🌹

. Love is an answer to everyone’s secret prayer

So, to them having love is an achievement but to some the word “love” seems to be absent in their dictionaries. It is funny when people say 

 “I don’t need love”, I mean who doesnt?😏

Everyman born of a woman needs love in one way or the other. No one is too tough for love cause an act of love can puncture through a heart as hard as diamonds and when I say love I am not referring to just filial, but agape and platonic. 

So, the issue isn’t that love is not for everyone as some would say but that, not everyone understands it.

Yes, not everyone is able to comprehend its language more or less converse in it. Just like buying a brand-new car but ignorant of the know-how cause the manual is written in Chinese!!!😅, it does not mean the car is in no good shape to be driven but it just can’t be because it’s owner is oblivious of its potential and can’t handle it. 

Well that is how love is, it has its own language and dialects, it’s linguistic can be easily understood if readily embraced by a learnable linguist. You know everything in this life is about learning, changing, adapting and growing… They all work handy.

“You can’t change if you don’t learn, you can’t adapt if you don’t change and you can’t grow if you don’t learn, adapt and change”.

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