Why do people fall out of love?

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Love is a beautiful thing and the feeling of being in love is so thrilling and intoxicating. You can hardly spend a minute thinking about the person, calling, texting . The feeling is always mutual cause both parties are in love.

However, have you ever asked why two couples so much in love with each other end up in divorce?, why do people fall out of love?, does love fade indeed?.
Yeah the truth is that it does fade, the fire can be extinguished , the sparkle can be lost. But it doesn’t just happens, there are several reasons why people fall out of love.

Poor communication

Really can’t overemphasized this, lack of communication kills a relationship. Every relationship is strengthened by constant communication. This really could make two lovers fall out of love, sometimes it starts from ” I think I need a break” to ” I think we need a break-up”. Distance really isn’t an actual reason for poor communications but quarrels are.

Frequent quarrels

Yeah I agree quarrels settled could make the relationship become stronger but at the same time, it introduces rigidity when it comes too often. This make the love fade or worse get sour. This is one of the major reasons people fall out of love, they just realise they never agree and fuss about every little thing.

Because unfaithfulness sets in

Am pretty sure, our home movies has said a lot about this more than I can. When one partner notices that the other is unfaithful it can let hell loose. It always shakes the table , in this scenario it really takes only God to fix it else the love’s gonna definitely die down. Anger, bitterness, hatred, mistrust follows.. Having a third party brings distraction, the love becomes divided, the former is seen as boring and unexciting.

Because it was only an infatuation

Often times, infatuation is always confused with love. It’s crystal clear, infatuation has some hidden conditions behind it. It’s a strong feeling of like and attraction that is most times interpreted as love. Love isn’t conditional, it doesn’t really bother about the physical attributes like infatuation does. It’s much easier for infatuation to die down and then people say they fell out of “love ” when it’s actually not love.

Because neglect and unappreciation sets in

Well I must say, the feeling of being neglected or unappreciated isn’t one welcomed with open hands. It depresses especially when it’s from someone you most expect attention and care from. Not many people can hold this up for long before giving up on the love. When things you do aren’t even recognized or appreciated, no attention. It really kills the love, especially when it’s a long-distance relationship.

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