Why man is naturally curious

Why man is naturally curious
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Right now am very sure your curiosity has been aroused about what I might actually know about the man’s mind and it’s mannerism. Yeah, got ya right? . Honestly am as well curious to know what I think I know about this mind. Can we really know how it works?,why we always so inquisitive?, why we always ask questions? .

Well here are five reasons why we are naturally curious; 

1. It is our nature.It’s so straightforward! ,we’ve been wired to ask the four W(s) i.e why?, what?, when?, where? also how? . That’s the way we were all created .

2. It’s the only way the mind processes the data it receives, by asking. 

3.Curiousity is man’s way of getting answers and information. Apart from processing the data it receives, the mind also needs to stay curious to get the answers to the numerous questions it’s filled with. 

4. We are naturally curious because of the demand for answers our environment places on us. Questions like, when does flowers bloom? ,why is photosynthesis necessary?, why global warming? e.t.c .

5. We are curious beings because our faculty of reasoning needs to be exercised and so spontaneously demands to be used. 

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Hello there, You have done a fantastic job. I will definitely digg it and personally suggest
to my friends. I’m confident they’ll be benefited from this

Chibuoke Ifeanyi Collins

So being curious is a good thing?

Ozioma Nwankwo

This is so true. Though some people are more curious than others cos of personality differences.