Why your mental health matters

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Alright, I know the question on many minds right now is “Lightsbeshed where have you been? “, “what happened?”. So before anything else, my sincere apologies, didn’t nip the bud in time and it got too bad.

In summary, I was a victim of mental illness, was mentally unstable and it really did affect me. Hence, I figured it was very important to talk about this cause it’s most times neglected.

Your mental health is twice as important as your physical health. Being mentally and physically stable is what makes you really healthy.

Unfortunately we most times focus more on our physical well-being in neglect of our mental state. We normalise going to the hospital for check-ups but sideline seeing a therapist to keep a check on our mental health cause over here, it’s seen as though you’re going crazy to do that.

But here’s some consequential facts you must have never really paid attention to:

. Your mental health greatly affects your physical well-being.

. Even after taking care of your physical health it would be futile if you’re not sound mentally.

. 65% of the lunatics you see is due to mental ill-health and not curses.

Mental ill-health could affect your brain and body functionality e.g could cause stroke, high blood pressure.

Without further ado, what can trigger mental Ill-health ?

Malnutrition :

Medical research has shown us how malnutrition could affect our well-being not just physically but also mentally. You can’t expect to see a child who has been malnourushed for months to behave like other kids that aren’t malnourished. The reasoning IQ would never be same.


Have you ever been so scared that your heart stopped beating for a min?, or you couldn’t even think for minutes even though you wanted to?. I mean that kind of fear, yeah see why accommodating fear is no good, fretting and all.

Fear leaves you in that state where you don’t even know what to expect, you’d be in a vulnerable state and it can trigger mental illness.

Overthinking :

If there’s a chair on this table, I think I’d sit comfortably in it cause I’m so on this table. Over thinking stresses your brain muscles and only puts your health at risks. Worse is that, it actually does more harm than good.


There are levels of anger and some are very very extreme. Those kinds that leaves you with a headache. Anger is a big trigger, no angry man can think properly , it affects your reasonability.

Tempted to keep listing, wish I had a mic so I could express myself without word limits but then I’d make do with what I have. There are so many things to say about this but I hope the little I highlited would do good.

Your mental health is twice as important as your physical health, see a therapist if you’d have to!, change the mentality of therapy being for only insane people!!.

Would love to hear your comments, questions, thoughts all in the comment box😊👇

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Marvvy official


Boy next door

It’s really good and informative
Lol you forgot to mention one though,lack of sleep can greatly affect your mental health too,and we all are victims of this particular one.
All the same it’s a very nice article.
Oh and always remember “Sleep is for the weak”.


Nice write-up

Chibuoke Ifeanyi

Very helpful… Thanks a lot




Awesome writeup…..trueee my mental health matters alottt

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mental stability is very important.
Thanks for this…


Very informative piece. Thank you.